Rowan is an Anthropocene horror artist with a focus on drawing.

Her work often explores dichotomies, particularly the clashing between the natural and the manmade, which has evolved into an exploration of the role of humanity and grappling with the cultural impact of Anthropocene in humanity’s self-conception. She combines elements of extinct megafauna and mass extinction, monster horror, religion, the atom, the nuclear, and the disintegration of space to discuss complex themes related to our relationship with the non-human and the monsters of our own creation.

Her goal is to visualise and understand the effect that living in the Post-Anthropocene, the period in which our altering of the global ecosystem is a culturally understood fact, has had on the collective psyche of our species.

There is a morbid curiosity in exploring how things end, how we think about ending, and what ending can look like to us.




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BA Hons (First Class) Fine Art Painting and Drawing, Gray’s School of Art, RGU (2018-2021)

Fine Art (Year 1), Moray School of Art, UHI (2017-2018)


Barns-Graham Trust Award 2020-21


October 16th- November 6th 2021: Graduate Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen, Scotland.

August 2021: Popup-Pickup, Lübeck Old Town, Germany.

July 2021: Onwards, Digital Exhibition www.graysdegree.show/welcome

February 2021: Cusp, Digital Exhibition www.grayspaintinggallery.co.uk

November 2019: Select 2nd and 3rd year Show, Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland.

May 2019: Two Halves, Silver Fin Building, Aberdeen, Scotland.

January 2019: Sco-Sko, Menada, Skopje, North Macedonia.